When In Westeros - Northern Ireland
Have you always wondered about the wonderful filming set in Game of Thrones the TV show? And where these sets were based? Look no further! In this new series, we will tell you all about the filming sets and show you a little behind the scenes.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the World of Thrones blog!

Today’s blog will be the part of a new series which will be looking into the filming locations of the Game of Thrones TV show. The first set of locations we are looking at will be in Northern Ireland!

One area of particular interest would be Paint Hall studios which is located in Belfast. Before this became a studio, it was part of a shipyard and it could be considered quite important as parts of the Titanic were built there. This studio is used for several large interiors sets like inside Winterfell for example but when the sets aren’t in use they are taken down and stored to make room for other sets. Other sets built in the studios include Castle Black, the Skye Cells in the Eyrie and Daenarys’ throne room in Meereen to name just a few. Unfortunately any active sets aren’t open to the public so you can’t go and visit these in person.

Due to the main filming location being the studios, some other on location filming occurs in the surrounding areas of Northern Ireland. An example of this would be the temperate regions used for scenes in the woods or scenes of the army camps. Some locations are even used for places beyond Westeros like the Dothraki Sea for example. Below are a list of locations around the rest of Northern Ireland that have been used in the series. They have some scenes suggested next to them, do you recognise them?



  • Magheramorne Quarry - Castle Black set, city walls of King’s Landing, Hardhome set (Not open to the public)

  • Cairncastle - exterior of Moat Cailin, deserter execution site from season 1

  • Shane’s Castle - Location of tourneys (season 1), fight between Jaime and Brienne (Season 2), Winterfell Crypts

  • Redhall Estates, Ballycarry - Inn at the Crossroads, Riverlands

  • Ballintoy Harbour - Lordsport Harbor, Iron Islands, Pyke digitally added to this

  • Carrick-a-Rede - Grassy coastal cliffs of Stormlands

  • Cushendun Caves - Cave underneath Renly’s camp by the coast

  • Armoy - northern part of Kingsroad

  • Parts of Dothraki Sea - Ballymoney, Glens of Antrim



  • Gosford Castle - Exterior scenes at Riverrun




  • Castle Ward - Winterfell exteriors, generic army camp scenes, The Twins (digitally inserted)

  • Tollymore Forest Park - Orphaned direwolf pups found here, Night’s Watch scouting party attacked by White Walkers (generic wooded area scenes)

  • Saintfield Estates - Godswood, Robb Stark’s army camp

  • Inch Abbey - news of Eddard’s death scene, Robb declared King of the North

  • Banbridge - Linen Mill Studios which has Harrenhal exteriors and green screen studio with one full sized ship set. Ship set gets redressed for each different vessel needed

  • Myra Castle, Strangford - Dreadfort’s exteriors

  • Sandy Brae, Kilkeel - Vaes Dothrak, Mother of Mountains is Mourne Mountains

  • River Quoile - Riverrun dock

  • Clandeboye Estate Forests - Craster’s keep, Locke’s band encamped (season 3)

  • Corbet - riverside exterior set of Riverrun castle



  • Downhill Strand - exterior beach of Dragonstone Island





Well that’s it for today’s When in Westeros! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this as much as we have and look forward to next instalment. If you have any suggestions of what you what you want us to look at next leave a comment!

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Emelya Vaele This looks amazing!

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Jorvan Sadelyn *saves money*

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Lysandra Damora Ooooh I love love this <3 Now to spend all my money to visit...

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Alliser Menethil Very pretty! I would love to go there!

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