This Month In GoT - Issue #1
With this blog post, you will be kept up to date on the newest events in the world of the actors and creators of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire - in the fitzish manner you are used to! So buckle up and keep your eyes peeled for these updates!

- From : Jorvan Sadelyn

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Gilbert Everett

Gilbert Everett Love it!! :o

Fitz Mansel

Fitz Mansel Thaaaank you both :3 *-*

Lysandra Damora

Lysandra Damora Woaah so interesting thinking about all this behind the scenes stuff! Amazing post Fitz!

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Ohhh that reminds me that I really want to watch Westworld xD Love this, Fitz! Also important news about Emilia :'D

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