The Unknown World 3.0 - GAME: Storytime!
Have you ever wondered what the world beyond the borders of the Kingdoms look like? With today's blog you have the possibility to dive into another universe and not only explore classes, shops and its places, but find your own destiny.

- From : Jorvan Sadelyn

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Frelance Gardener

Frelance Gardener Western Realms > Camelot > Magical Mixtures Alchemist Shop: Water from Lethe... guess from now on we'll be spilling water from Lethe instead of tea? ;)

Constance Reynell

Constance Reynell Eastern Realms > Marketplace > Fairy Blessings > A White Elephant... a white elephant... like whut

Astrelia Evergreen

Astrelia Evergreen Eastern Realms > Marketplace > Fairy Blessings: YOU CAN BUY A WAND. I CAN BE A MAGICIAN. DDSFDSFDS. And you too, oh mah gawd.

Adeena Hawthorne

Adeena Hawthorne Western Realms > Misty Street > Henry’s Gift Shop... you can buy friendship bracelets ^_^

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Go go and comment something that I would love! :D

Domenica Ranklead

Domenica Ranklead Congratulation! :D and one thing... this is not a Snow white's daughter... this is Dr. Allison Cameron!

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