The Royal Fleet: Summer Special
Oh my oh my ! Is this a new blog to introduce the new ships of our new captains ? Of course it is !!! Take a look, enjoy the amazing artworks our lovely captains choice and don't forget to comment your thoughts *claps hands*

- From : Fitz Mansel

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Visenya Shadowfyre

Visenya Shadowfyre My dragons have the most beautiful ships ♥

Mirren Carver

Mirren Carver How stunning. I hope to see these ships in person. :o

Edlyn Greye

Edlyn Greye I love this!!

Aesira Hemera

Aesira Hemera Beautiful ships, indeed! ♥

Sithis Shadowskin

Sithis Shadowskin magnificient ships

Lynara Cuinn

Lynara Cuinn Looveee it! :D

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