Ramblings of a Bear
I finally did something... and it is something close to my heart.

- From : Sophia Cunningham

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Nessa Taney

Nessa Taney Oh, we all love you so much Morgan! I loved reading this, and thank you for sharing with us ^^

Seraphina Sand

Seraphina Sand Awww Morgan ♥ such a lovely and touching post!

Kathlyn Beesbury

Kathlyn Beesbury A lovely post young Blackbear..

Mariyanna Caswell

Mariyanna Caswell Such a lovely post ♥

Amberle Eitira

Amberle Eitira This is lovely ^^

Charlithe Gardener

Charlithe Gardener The song with the whole article was mesmerizing, Morgan <3 It was really touching and I find it immensely brave and also have huge respect for you wanting to share this topic with us <3 <3

Charlithe Gardener

Charlithe Gardener :o

Nóra Pryore

Nóra Pryore Such a lovely and heartwarming post ♥♥

Astrelia Evergreen

Astrelia Evergreen This is great, really. I'm glad you're getting better, Morgan. ♥

Emylia Osseos

Emylia Osseos Also, great song choice. It really fits with the topic and makes it even more heartwarming to read

Emylia Osseos

Emylia Osseos Lovely article Morgan. Absolutely loved reading it <3

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Such a heartwarming article, Morgan. I can tell it really came from your heart and I appreciate you being so open about this topic, it might help a lot of people who go through such things! ♥

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