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- From : Sophia Cunningham


Hello it’s me, Sophia! Don’t tell them but I’ve snuck back in to go one final blog post for you all... Or not because I am back again, as you can tell I wrote this long ago I would like to share with you the SoMe team who I’ve had the pleasure of working with until I became a Maester. The SoMe team is responsible for promoting the site to gather new users for us all to interact with which is very important. However, they also post a blog to help encourage people to join and make people want to share our site around!

Okay but present day Sophia is going to have to interrupt past Sophia to help this make a bit more sense considering this is several months later, therefore any writing in red will be present-day me while black is past me. I hope that makes sense... Now that’s all the technical things out of the way, they may be important but they are not what I am here to discuss today! We, and by we I mean I, will be sharing the incredible work that each member puts in so we can grow. I will dearly miss working with them but I would invite you to join them in my place! We shall start with the past and move our way forwards in time...


Let us begin with Lucas Breewood, he was one of the first people hired for SoMe and it was wonderful working with him. He was in charge of the Twitter in the early days before he sadly had to quit. He also managed to create a few blog posts before he left us which you might remember. He did an excellent job and kept up the with the work well!


Next, we have Angela Swan, who took over the Twitter from Lucas when he became too busy to do it. She did some good work before she also got to busy for it and had to leave!


We also have Fitz Mansel who is amazing at running our Facebook page. His work has allowed it to continue to grow when I had to give it up. And we shall not forget the work he is currently putting in towards future blog posts so look out for that! Fitz continues to do such a wonderful job to this day and we would be very lost without him...


A fairly recent addition to the team is Tiana Boltson! She has taken up the twitter mantle to help in promoting our site for those out there. So please check it out because it’s harder than it looks! Unfortunately she is no longer with the team but the time we had with her was great!


Now that’s all the student members of the team BUT we cannot forget the wonderful graduates that are part of making SoMe run as smoothly as it does. So keep reading as I would like to thank them all!

We shall start with Sirius Snow who has taken up the social media accounts many times whether that be Facebook or twitter. This greatly helped when we as a team couldn’t find the time to make a post to the standard we wanted so thank you! Sirius has unfortunately had to leave recently but we still love and appreciate him dearly...


Next, we have the lovely Lysandra Damora, who has taken control of our freshly made Instagram account. Please go give it a follow as we are sure she has many wonderful things in the works, so stick around to find out what! She made an amazing start before we stole it back off of her!


Second to last, we have our wonderful king! The amazing Jorvan codes the blog posts that you see on site so if mine doesn’t match them, it’s because I refused to let him code it. Sorry not sorry, I’m sure you all know how wonderful he is so I won’t go on! I will now be taking over this part unless the King wants to sneak back in but you will have to put up with me now! *evil laugh*


Lastly, we have River Elswood! Our leader who hired us and we wouldn’t be here doing work without him. He organised us and hires all the SoMe team who torment him in the most loving way possible. He also writes the royal advice blog so be sure to read them too! Unfortunately for him, I stole his crown and now he works on running our instagram and he does a fabulous job with it.


Now that’s all that I have to say for you all, I just ask that you please check out the social media accounts and read the blogs as I know how much work goes into them. Please send in an application for the SoMe team if you believe you want to be part of the magic! This is a goodbye from me, I’ll still be around so don’t miss me too much :P Lady Sophia May be spoilers but I am very much still here...



Hi present-day me interrupting with a plea for more SoMe team members! If you would like to apply for the SoMe Team, you can find out how by clicking on the Social-Media club in the Clubs section in the North. If you do have any questions about this job, please send a raven to Sophia Cunningham.


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Lysandra Damora

Lysandra Damora Sophia you are a dream! Lots of love to everyone who does work in this wonderful team <3

Medea Darkwaters

Medea Darkwaters Great job everybody! You are an amazing team ♥♥

Breylena Dawnstar

Breylena Dawnstar SoMe is a wonderful team <3

Denaya Campiron

Denaya Campiron This is wonderful! All the love to the SoMe team! :D

Emelya Vaele

Emelya Vaele HAHA nice work Sophia!

Sophia Cunningham

Sophia Cunningham So many lovely people <3

Iselilja Grimsdottir

Iselilja Grimsdottir This is such a sweet blog <3 Thank you to everyone past and present who have been apart of this great team :D

Luca Vaele

Luca Vaele oooh I love this! Thank you for all your hard and amazing work ! I always love to see or read them :D

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Omg I love this! It's nice looking back at what past-Sophia had to say and it made me laugh more than once xD Such a sweet blog! Go apply for this team ♥ You guys definitely hold a special place in my heart ♥

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