SoMe love needed
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- From : Sophia Cunningham

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Lysandra Damora

Lysandra Damora Sophia you are a dream! Lots of love to everyone who does work in this wonderful team <3

Medea Darkwaters

Medea Darkwaters Great job everybody! You are an amazing team ♥♥

Breylena Dawnstar

Breylena Dawnstar SoMe is a wonderful team <3

Denaya Campiron

Denaya Campiron This is wonderful! All the love to the SoMe team! :D

Emelya Stromm

Emelya Stromm HAHA nice work Sophia!

Sophia Cunningham

Sophia Cunningham So many lovely people <3

Iselilja Grimsdottir

Iselilja Grimsdottir This is such a sweet blog <3 Thank you to everyone past and present who have been apart of this great team :D

Luca Vaele

Luca Vaele oooh I love this! Thank you for all your hard and amazing work ! I always love to see or read them :D

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Omg I love this! It's nice looking back at what past-Sophia had to say and it made me laugh more than once xD Such a sweet blog! Go apply for this team ♥ You guys definitely hold a special place in my heart ♥

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