Do you know... The Big Men
Morgan has conducted some research into Giants and wishes to share his knowledge with you... Enjoy!

- From : Sophia Cunningham



Honestly, I have no prior knowledge of the giants that live north of the wall. so I will write in today's issue of DO YOU KNOW... about my thoughts when seeing them on the silver screen and things about giants in general. Giants are beings that are abnormal big and is lesser smart than human beings. Many believe that their ones ware giants on planet earth that roamed the earth before men came to be.

In GOT they actually existing with the free folk north of the wall and somehow have an agreement to not killing each other. at least that what I see when looking at the gifs and anything else that I learned.

So let us start with the appearance of this big man of the north. When I think about giants I don't see the giants we see in the series but instead, I see a human being who is big as an oak tree and have big hairy feet. their face looks like a boxers face after a few KO on their record. they do not have any clothing expect something that covers their junk. When I come to think about it I never picture a female giant, weird. When it comes to the giants we meet in GOT. they are almost nothing like the real-life folk tales. They are speaking the old tongue or more known as Mag Nuk. Weird name for a language, I know. The giants are also able to communicate with the wildlings. The last overuse thing about them is that they can freeze like a human being! so they use a thick layered of hides and other types of clothing that keeps them warm.


Before I end my rambling about giants I want to talk about the known giants that we have seen on GOT. First out is Mag the Mighty. He is known as the king of giants but unfortunately, he was killed in the fight in castle black. The second is Wun Wun. he is one of the few that survived the massacre of Hardhome. He was shipped back home after that. Even he didn't live for long after that. he was killed by Ramsy Bolton at the battle of the bastards. Both sad to write as read those facts. Why can't giants have a happy life for once? huh. seriously they deserve it most of all beings in Westeros. well behind Dragons of course...

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Domenica Ranklead

Domenica Ranklead Giant are so cool! Do you know the song Last of the Giants? It is as sad as the fact that we know so little about them. :/ Anyway great article. :) :D

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn I love this series of you a lot! I wonder what you will talk about next :O

Zuko Vorso

Zuko Vorso And still we know so little about them... Thanks for giving us some insight, Morgan!

Dylar Bryne

Dylar Bryne I love giants! They are such amazing personalities, thank you for this article! :D Great job

Fitz Mansel

Fitz Mansel Loved it ! One of my three fears: Tall people/creatures :D

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