GoT Emmys
Did you see the amazing turn out we had at the Emmys? They all looked wonderful! If you missed it, here is a recap for you...

- From : Sophia Cunningham

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Denaya Campiron

Denaya Campiron #Emmy4Emilia ! She did such an amazing job as Dany! Looooved reading this and seeing the amazing outfits <3

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn They do look so gorgeous!! But Iwan Rheon deserves an Emmy too xD a

Fleur Caldar

Fleur Caldar So amazing!

Amberle Eitira

Amberle Eitira I LOVE THIS!!! ♥ Omg and Gwen's outfit is amazing xDxD

Breylena Dawnstar

Breylena Dawnstar Amazing!

Seraphina Sand

Seraphina Sand So great! Thank you for the recap :D <3

Charlithe Gardener

Charlithe Gardener Omg this is such a beautiful post and a great recap!! *-* I love it!

Alexia Wood

Alexia Wood omg gwendoline's costume is the best XD awesome post!

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