Gutting The Battle: Blackwater
Good evening, my fellow citizens of Westeros and Essos !!! Tonight Valkiria is going to talk about an interesting battle that a powerful weapon was used, we didn't see how it works, before. Take a seat and enjoy the blog, like always *winks*

- From : Fitz Mansel

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Aidan Atherton

Aidan Atherton I love this!

Tonya Chapple

Tonya Chapple One of the most interesting articles I've read. Loved it. And this battle was definetly one of the bests along with the battle of bastards

Valerie Ragnarson

Valerie Ragnarson Oeh, interesting XD thank you for this blog

Breylena Dawnstar

Breylena Dawnstar ah, this is really cool!

Wilhelmina Poldark

Wilhelmina Poldark Interesting battle!

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