Do You Know.... Twos
Morgan is back to inform you about dragons and direwolves, do you agree with his opinions?

- From : Sophia Cunningham


the number 2 is quite an interesting number if you think about it. everything great comes in two. The Doctor and his companion, two pilots and the best of all, Our king Jorvan. AKA jorvy. In today's issue of DID YOU KNOW... I gonna tell you about two different people or a ''thing'' of value. I welcome you all to this week's facts and my opinions about that person or the ''thing.''


1. Dragons


We all know Dragon and his two siblings that were hatched by the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen. I don't know what to say about the dragons we see in GOT. We know that they are some big mean lizards with wings and burn everything or everyone up. compared to the direwolves and lions so are dragon an imaginary animal and it hard to analyse their behaviour without a real reference. I have to say that dragons are the animal that I find hardest to write about. That's saying a lot about how boring and one dimensional they are in comparison to other dragons in fiction. But that my opinion! Okay!?


So with my rant out of the way. I can tell you guys about what I do know about these beasts. For started they are big, like reeeeally big! Also, they get bigger as older they get. if we ignore that Drogon is about 7 years old and should really be smaller then he is. at least that what the lore says about dragon growing. Drogon is said to be one of the biggest dragons to be alive. but the other dragons that become that big lived for two centuries. so their either an error from the show or is the fact that drogon and his siblings were freer after their captivity then the dragons of old ware.


To round of my ranting about how the dragons piss me off. I want you as the reader to write down belove yee or nay to a second par




2. Direwolf


A starks best friend and the closest thing to a soulmate. Those starks are very lucky to have such a creature in their nature and Direwolf being such big animals makes them vicus in a fight and a loyal companion to their soul bounded human. The dire wolf is known for its big frame and that they are more elegant than their wolf counterparts. Also as we all know so are the direwolf the emblem of house Stark. So when you think about direwolves you often think about house Stark. At the start of season 1, the children of Eddard Stark and Jon Snow found and kept dire wolf pups. Sadly as the seasons went there were only two direwolves left. one of them not been seen for 6 seasons and the other being a good boy at the wall.


With the direwolf being so closely related to wolves which makes it easier to write about those wonderful beasts. Their anatomy as an example of how similar they are. One last thing before I end my second rant of this blog. Direwolves is better than dragons.


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Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn I love numbers hahahah :D And damn, you make me wanna get another dragon egg or a direwolf :( XD

Breylena Dawnstar

Breylena Dawnstar ooh, numbers

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