The Unknown World - Don't Dead, Open Inside!
Have you ever wondered what the world beyond the borders of the Kingdoms look like? With today's blog you have the possibility to dive into another universe and not only explore classes, shops and its places, but find your own destiny.

- From : Jorvan Sadelyn

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Emelya Stromm

Emelya Stromm WHAHAHAHA THIS IS BRILLIANT. Nice work!!!! Joooiiiiiin!

Denaya Campiron

Denaya Campiron Eeeeh lovely blog and introduction to the site! Go give WoW some love :D

Amelle Griffin

Amelle Griffin Yessssssss come join the BEST camp there is the Savior's of course ;)

Elwen Whitetower

Elwen Whitetower I'll go when I'll seethe serie^^

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn WoW is like the sibling of WoT :D We launched not late after, it is nice to see a site blossoming that much during the past months ♥ I am there, too ;)

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