The Unknown World - Don't Dead, Open Inside!
Have you ever wondered what the world beyond the borders of the Kingdoms look like? With today's blog you have the possibility to dive into another universe and not only explore classes, shops and its places, but find your own destiny.

- From : Jorvan Sadelyn



Yipper, yippety yip, growl yip, barkyip. Yipe! Yippy yipperbark. Yip yipgrowl. Bark. *paws at monocle*



thee now have the rare possibility to become an insight into my territory, which is the all of Alexandria and around. So pay close attention. *straightens monocle*


Thank you, thank you Samuel, what a nice introduction for today’s blogpost about a site which is not only the oldest of all of them, but is also centered around a growing fandom which offers a lot of different possibilities, which we will take a look into today! Yes, World of Walkers, as you can most likely guess by the name, plays in the universe of ‘The Walking Dead’, which most of us either know from TV, the comics or even as videogame series (like me) - and if you don’t, go check it out!



Next to the two lovely pupper mascots, Samuel and Buster, who accompany and bark at you from times to times during the awards, Sheriff Lukrezia Tierney and her husband and Deputy Sheriff Faolan Tierney are managing an awesome staff team, which is not only hard working, but also like a little family.


Speaking of hard work. The Outbreak is now around eleven years in the past, the people are still recovering from the huge losses they had, let it be beloved ones or possessions. And as hard as it can be from times to times, fighting not only the walkers but also hostile groups that want nothing but all you’ve got left, one of the most valuable things is a group that got your back. Alexandria is divided in four different camps, that will take care of you and give you shelter. Which camp is best for you depends on your personality and talents. Are you a caring Saviour, a brave Warrior, a cunning Scavenger or a compassionate Guardian?



But no matter which camp you will devote yourself to, next to performing your duties, you also can educate yourself in different areas, matching to your own personality! Do you want to get trained in Ranged Weapons or Melee Weapons to defend yourself against any dangers? Or do you want to learn how to train your dog to accompany you during your scavenges with Canine Training? Do you want to learn about Wilderness and Survival, absolve Medical Training, build your own shelters in Building and Construction or learn how to drive different vehicles in Driver’s Education (you should really enroll in that one :P xD)?


Oh and if that did not convince you to move to Alexandria… there are cards to collect :O And a ton of items to buy, you will seriously get broke, I made that experience myself…


To finish this blog as worthy as we started it, here are some final words from Buster!

Bork grrrrr,
Bork bark grrrr bork bork bark, grrr grr snarl grrr bork... Bork bork grr snarl! Bork bork bork bork grrrr snarl bork, bark bark bark snarl bork!


Yo homies,
y’all betta come here to Alexandria, ‘n if ya do so, bring all da treats as well! I ain’t shittin’ around, ya betta get them here or I’ma bite you.


Very… lovely Buster. I could not have used better words...
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Emelya Vaele

Emelya Vaele WHAHAHAHA THIS IS BRILLIANT. Nice work!!!! Joooiiiiiin!

Denaya Campiron

Denaya Campiron Eeeeh lovely blog and introduction to the site! Go give WoW some love :D

Amelle Griffin

Amelle Griffin Yessssssss come join the BEST camp there is the Savior's of course ;)

Raena Blackheart

Raena Blackheart Again with the tempting me to sites Jorvan! Though Walkers isn't something I would be too interested in, stop tempting me to join!

Elwen Whitetower

Elwen Whitetower I'll go when I'll seethe serie^^

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn WoW is like the sibling of WoT :D We launched not late after, it is nice to see a site blossoming that much during the past months ♥ I am there, too ;)

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