The Task Talk - Healing
Have you ever wondered what the classes in Westeros are about? To give the apprentices a better overview over their possibilities, the Boysenberry Baboons decided that it would be a great idea to ask around and give an insight! Maybe there is one class you never expected to be so interesting?

- From : River Elswood


Hello everyone!

another installment of Task Talk for you lovely lot today. If you have forgotten, this series will be introducing each course that our wonderful World of Thrones maesters have to offer so we hope you are ready!

This week we will be looking at Healing which is taught from year 1 to year 7 so make the most of your time. This course is taught by the amazing Aeron Ziatus who will teach you all about this wonderful subject so all you need is to start the course. Now we have a short interview with Aeron to tell us some more details relating to this wonderful course.



Good afternoon Maester Ziatus. First of all thank you for giving me time to take an interview from you. I know you have time to spend on your work, so i'm going to ask you right away.
The first one is why you choosed to be Maester on Healing courses ? Perhaps something from your past or your personal experience lead you into this ?


Healing has always been something I've found rather interesting. Of course, the practical aspect is great, but also the knowledge that comes with it. It's a very broad subject and I wanted to teach the younger generation how diverse the subject is.


The younger generation is the future. So if they know much, that's better to keep alive the knowledge. But having young apprentices, does this lead on difficulties for the subjects?



Yes, it sometimes does. Sometimes I have to explain matters rather simply, because I feel like it's too complicated for it to be explained in jargon. I tend to avoid that, because in my opinion, very technical terms take away some of the fun of learning.


Do you think some of them are hard to learn or complicated ? And if yes, how you handle it ?


Yes, I definitely do think that. As I said before, I try to simplify it, but still try to do it not too much, as I still have to provide correct information.



Does this course have props and cons ?



I believe every course has its pros and cons. For example, one could have a lot of fun with some subject matters, but sometimes it can be very theoretical as well, which some might not like.


What advice or information can you give, to those who want start your course ?


Do your best, have fun and please don't hurt yourself so you don't actually have to use what you have learnt on yourself.



And that ma'ladies and ma'lords was the maester Ziatus! Still didn't check his Healing lessons? How you think you'll stay alive without that knowledge then?

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Alliser Menethil

Alliser Menethil Amazing! I loooove healing!

Charlithe Gardener

Charlithe Gardener Awesome!! :o Curious about the next one!♥

Emelya Vaele

Emelya Vaele LOVE IT!! Can't wait for the next one ♥

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn The subject of my heart ♥ Lovely interview as well ♥ H E A L I N G ♥ XD

Elwen Whitetower

Elwen Whitetower Interesting interview :)

Raena Blackheart

Raena Blackheart These blogs are great for getting to know our Maesters and their subjects! Love them <3

Sirius Snow

Sirius Snow Amazing! :D

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