Royal Advice - Fall trends
River is back with his latest advice for you today, what do you think of his tips?

- From : Sophia Cunningham

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Emelya Stromm

Emelya Stromm Slaying like always River!

Damian Moon

Damian Moon I already have plaid and boots

Denaya Campiron

Denaya Campiron Oh this is wonderful!

Iselilja Grimsdottir

Iselilja Grimsdottir Oooo the infamous guru is back !

Lysandra Damora

Lysandra Damora AMAZING AS ALWAYS! Need me some boots

Lacey Oakfield

Lacey Oakfield BOOTS! Sign me up!

Emylia Osseos

Emylia Osseos Oh I love this! Plaid and Boots? Give it to me 100%

Astrelia Evergreen

Astrelia Evergreen Oh I like myself some boots! Plaid... is more... nah. But leather though, I like that style! :o

Laerra Shahza

Laerra Shahza Oh I need some new boots! But animal prints? Really? Urgh :o

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn I don't see myself wearing plaid, maybe animal prints though and with boots I am totally in! Shoes! *-* *cough* I mean...

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