Meet the Staff: Vol. 1
This is the very first installment of the Meet the Staff. It's like speed dating in interview form. Each of the Social Media Team members picked a member of the staff and asked them three questions. Here we go...

- From : River Elswood

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first volume of Meet the Staff! And the very first World of Thrones Blog post. Each of my boysenberries have picked a staff member and asked them three questions. They could be anything (though let's be honest, they're probably Game of Thrones related). Are you ready? Let's go!

Interview One
Eliar Oakfield, Maester of Trickery, by Ashara

1.) Who is your favorite Game of Thrones character and why?
Eliar: My favorite GoT character is Olenna Tyrell. Not only is she one of the oldest characters, she makes a point of her survival and that she was clever enough to stay alive. Also, she is quite evil even though she does not act it.

2.) Who do you think is going to sit on the iron throne by the end of season 8 and why?
Eliar: I think Daenerys Targaryen will sit on the iron throne, though it would be extremely funny if Varys would sit on the iron throne. I like him.

3.) If you were born in Westeros, what would you be?
Eliar: Well I would most likely be a spy, seeing my skill set as Maester of Trickery. I do not see myself doing much else.

Interview Two
Jorvan Sadelyn, Maester of Healing, by Lucas

1.) So we’ll start with a common question, as most people would do in such an interview, just to jump straight in. Why did you decide to become a Maester? Did something happen that made you want to do it, or was it completely sudden?
Jorvan: *laughs* This is a really common question, but I assume it can be quite interesting. Well, basically I grew up on Fathers farm. He teached me a lot about plants and things like that in general. I also loved to explore the woods and gather herbs and mushrooms. I have always been more of a person to stay outside rather than inside. Since Mother died at my birth, I had to help Father a lot, but I never hated it. My sisters got married and left us alone, we had a hard time keeping the crop alive in the cold season, but our lifes depended on it. One day Father got sick and I tried my best to keep him alive. I was around 17 when that happened. However I failed. I had seem so many people dying of sicknesses and diseases, so many people suffering of wounds and also mental illnesses. I wanted to keep the farm, but the words of my father were lingering in my head. "If you truly want to achieve something, you can always reach your goal." I was only a commoner, not important in any way. But I wanted to educate myself and with a recommendation of the King I was allowed to study in the Citadel. I studied both, the arts of poisoning and healing and I succeeded. There is no particular reason why I became Maester, some say it's just my personality to want to help people, some say it is because I feel guilty. But I do honestly not care, since it is what makes me truly happy.

2.) Now, I couldn’t let you get away without giving me some gossip. So tell me…’Oaklyn’ is a thing of course, but is this the only serious relationship you’ve had, or have there been others before him? I need details, the people want to know!
Jorvan: *almost chokes on wine and coughs* Ah... *blushes and casually skips mentioning Oaklyn since there is no deathwish, thinking of Nates father* Ehm, I have indeed had a serious relationship before. We were eager to marry, well.... at least I was. She gave birth to our son and not too soon after I proposed to her, thinking that I had everything that I needed in life. However, she left without any word and so I raised our son alone. But if that hadn't happened back then, then both my sons and my life would have been different, which would most likely not always be a positive thing. I am really close with my son and also this way I had the chance to meet someone who I feel more towards to than I could have ever imagined, more than I could ever put into words. *blushes even more and takes another sip*

3.) And the final question. This one, of course, is always the most important one. What would you do if you woke up as a Jodie Sadelyn? So basically, what would you do if you woke up as a girl?
Jorvan: *grins* That is a really interesting question. I don't think my life itself would change that much. Well, I think it depends on what I look like. If I was a decent woman I would probably have to hide from people and if I was a not that good looking woman, I would most likely be forced to hide by people. The first thing I would do, would be to stare into the mirror. I am pretty sure I would miss my beard stubbles. Also there are some things that almost everyone would do... like paying someone special a visit *smirks absentmindedly.* However, there is not much else I would do. Maybe get some fitting clothes and try to change my name to something more decent. But yes, this question is indeed really important, make sure you ask that not only me. I say that to you without any intentions, of course *tries to hide grin.*
Interview Three
Sariah Kryee, Maester of Creatures, by Sophia
1.) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Sariah: Well of course for starters I'm Sariah Ann Kryee, 24 year of age and my Allegiance is house Stark. I had a choice growing up to partake in Healing after my mother or Creatures of the Seven Kingdoms after my father and I'm sure we all know which path I rather preferred. My mother never withdrew of me taking my fathers path but as we all may know as long as I made them proud of what I do, nothing else mattered.
2.) What started your interest in Creatures of the Seven Kingdoms?
Sariah:  If I may be honest it's always been a thing for me and my father had a bit help with it as well, his father before him wanted to teach him and show him all he knows and my father did the same with me but the only difference is I wanted to pursue my knowledge and became a Maester for it, my father was a Maester for it as well but it didn't last long due to his passing. However though animals and creatures from our world or not I took kindly into it and I hope our young apprentices do as well.
3.) Lastly, what is your favourite Creature and why?
Sariah: Hmm, a favorite creature, I'd say my favorite shall be Lizard Lions. They always just been a great fascination to me especially after my father told me stories of being encountered by one. Not sure if I'd want to be encounter with one but I sure would love to observe. Nevertheless if worse did come to my observation I'd be prepared.
And thats all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed! I know we did.
River Elswood,
Leader of the SoMe Team
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Lysandra Damora Love love love this <3

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Noraeh Ashe I love these interviews!

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