Meet the Staff: Vol. 1
This is the very first installment of the Meet the Staff. It's like speed dating in interview form. Each of the Social Media Team members picked a member of the staff and asked them three questions. Here we go...

- From : River Elswood

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Lysandra Damora

Lysandra Damora Love love love this <3

Celaena Silversaga

Celaena Silversaga How wonderful!

Adelaide Fairchild

Adelaide Fairchild Great idea! Love to read these!!!

Noraeh Ashe

Noraeh Ashe I love these interviews!

Kira Cheswright

Kira Cheswright Oh such lovely interviews!

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Thank you for this nice interview ♥ And nice to read the others as well :D:D

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