The Unknown World 2.0 - A Song of Nephilim and Downworlders
Have you ever wondered what the world beyond the borders of the Kingdoms look like? With today's blog you have the possibility to dive into another universe and not only explore classes, shops and its places, but find your own destiny.

- From : Jorvan Sadelyn


Hello citizens of the Seven Kingdoms!

I am here to tell you that amazing changes have happened on World of Nephilim, a site based on the universe of the wonderful book series ‘The Mortal Instruments’ and its corresponding show ‘Shadowhunters’.

Something wonderful has been introduced, something so mesmerizing, you might never forget about it again once you saw it! Yes, some of you might have guessed already, the poop emoji has been added for VIP users! Isn't it purely amazing?! And it even reminds me of myself my IG character with its little glasses!

What are you saying? There are more changes and events than only that? I am blinded by my pure love for the poop emoji, maybe you should go and check the rest out yourself, because I can think of nothing else than the little fellow...

If you want proper information, take a look at the previous post I created!

And while you are on it, check out the site itself to get a better image of it and feel free to follow their social media to stay up to date with news, receive funny memes and to be able to take part in awesome competitions!


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Aidan Atherton

Aidan Atherton Ohhh :O

Emelya Vaele

Emelya Vaele I love iittttt! The Shadowhunter universe is definitely one to roll into when you have the chance! It's fab ♥

Charlithe Gardener

Charlithe Gardener Yeees spread the loveee :D wonderful site♥

Raena Blackheart

Raena Blackheart A site I definitely enjoy O:)

Sithis Shadowren

Sithis Shadowren It's a wonderful site

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