Do you know... NO ONE?
Morgan brings us his thoughts on the Faceless Men! It is a wonderful read so enjoy!

- From : Sophia Cunningham



Did you know that a faceless man is immune against most common poison and venom? at least that what a fanfiction author said in one of their stories. Even if that not true it is an amazing thing to have. In this first issue of DO YOU KNOW. We will talk about a person or persons known as No one. Keep in mind, this article is about my thoughts about these characters when I saw them on the show. Have a fun time reading my blog about the people who had a hand in making Arya Stark a fierce warrior that she became. In this part of my series of personal opinions about the people who made an impact on me when seeing them in GOT. In this first part, I am gonna talk about the Faceless men of Bravoos. BEWARE OF THE SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!

Jaqen H'ghar

He's sexy and we know it. he has the voice, the hair and the skills to kill everyone under his spell. When we first meet him, he sat in a cage on the way to the wall. something that still is a mystery to me is that why was he there and why did he wait until Arya Stark freed him. something else I thought of is that he stayed around and helped Arya later on when he could return to the house of white and black. There is of course theories about who he is and if he was in that cage just to meet Arya. Don't get me started on his way of training Arya. He sends his other psychopath daughter on her and let her beat Arya up with some bamboo sticks. just wow, no wonder he such a great assassin. Something that has been on my mind recently is the fact that jaqen could be anyone and sometimes the face we know as jaqen is in fact not jaqen at all and instead some random faceless men.

The Waif

One thing, Her eyes. Just look at them, tell me they don't scare you. she is Aryas evil ego that tried to possess her while she was trained at the house of black and white. If she lived in today's world then she would be called a bully or worse an abuser to a minor. While her methods of training Arya was an effective way of making her a faceless men. That and that she made Arya into the awesome warrior she became after leaving bravoos. So to that we can thank her. The Waif is one of the faceless men who murder people for a big chunk of coin. The most interesting thing about the faceless men is they make sure that their kills look like an accident and the most amazing thing is that they use other peoples faces when doing it. like woah. they are the ultimate example of an assassin. they hide in plain sight and make the perfect murder. For some reason, the Waif remind me of Black widow from Marvel and Dora the Explorer. She is deadly as a black widow but teaches you life lessons like Dora.


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Jayson Wallaxe

Jayson Wallaxe Ahhh I love the Jaqen storyline so much! Great article!

Ilya Calnaerys

Ilya Calnaerys oooh love this! great job Morgan :D

Casalla Leventhorn

Casalla Leventhorn Aaah I love it! *-*

Dylar Bryne

Dylar Bryne Jaqen is really sexy and we all know it.. I mean... I said nothing. Great article Morgan! Can't wait to read more from you :D

Cedrick Wyntertree

Cedrick Wyntertree Imagine they would actually be immune :O They would be so powerful :D

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Oooohhh love this so much! Awesome new series :D Though I hate the waif :x *shudders*

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