The Unknown World - Become a Demigod!
Have you ever wondered what the world beyond the borders of the Kingdoms look like? With today's blog you have the possibility to dive into another universe and not only explore classes, shops and its places, but find your own destiny.

- From : Jorvan Sadelyn


Hello citizens of the Seven Kingdoms!

And we are back with another one of these posts that introduce you to another world! And I can tell you this much - if you are already interested in the various Religions of Westeros, you might also find great interest in the beliefs of the universe that we will dive into this week. You might have already heard of the greek legends and myths… but what if I tell you that on World of Olympians they all become true? Yes, today we will look into the Universe of Percy Jackson and maybe even you have what it needs to become a successful Demigod! So grab your pens and take some notes!

You heard right! As child of one of the gods Zeus, Poseidon, Nike, Hades, Iris, Hermes, Hecate, Hephaestus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Athena, Nemesis, Ares, Demeter or Dionysus, it is your destiny to head to Camp Half-Blood and to not only find your place in one of the four Clusters - Might, Nature, Mystery and Force - but work hard to be an exemplary camper and help your team to win the Cluster Cup and keep the good reputation up (that was a rhyme)!

Improve your knowledge about Medical Training or the Greek and Roman Gods or increase your skills with attending classes like Archery, Equestrianship or Swordsmanship to become a worthy heir to your descendants. Adopt an Hellhound Puppy (I need all of them!) or your very own Pegasus, or do you want to be owner of a Halo? You have a ton of possibilities to become a hard working… collector… at least that is what I always tend to do :’D

But besides all your tasks and classes, you have enough free time to venture through dangerous places and explore Camp Half-Blood itself and all its mysteries, or you travel through Euros Creek, dance through the Eastern Hills or go stargazing at the Halfblood Hill. Whatever you decide for, the Mortal World, Underworld and the World Outside are also waiting for you presence, but they are far more dangerous than the safety inside your camp and around the Camp Director Angela Blackbourn and the Assistant Camp Director Aimee Nightfall.

Join this wonderful site and experience mystical adventures, make new friends and always listen to the god’s whisper in your head - parents are always right :D Create your own story in this fantastic and beautiful universe with the many possibilities!
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Raena Blackheart

Raena Blackheart Oh I suppose a hellhound would be similar to a wolf...

Helena Malberas

Helena Malberas I'm here XD

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn I really need a Hellhound! Or 20... Rae, would they not be sth for you too :'D <3 Wolf mommy

Raena Blackheart

Raena Blackheart All the sites, none of the time, and you keep dangling them in my face! Jorvan you will end up with more enemies!

Larana Dustfall

Larana Dustfall It is really awesome!!!

Elwen Whitetower

Elwen Whitetower Maybe I'll go I love Percy Jackson and the Olympians^^

Breylena Dawnstar

Breylena Dawnstar Another amazing site full of wonderful (and terrifying) people! Go join and watch out of anyone offers you cheese :D

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