That Rude Guy - Bosses
Do you have an odd boss? Maybe you will agree with some of the views below.... Enjoy"

- From : Sophia Cunningham


*Acts to be a badass and make everyone feel uncomfortable*
Alright, listen up peasants! You think i-
*coughs cause of the cigarette*


That escalated quickly... but I looked like I was the boss, right? RIGHT?

Speaking of bosses, why there always must be that weird one? In a good or a bad way. Mostly in a bad. Like you wake up every morning and you know you have to deal with it.

Sometimes you get late to work. And your boss has a sarcastic attitude. Can you imagine him watching you getting late into the office?
Like he comes to greet you but it's like a threat that you don't understand it at the beginning, only when an hour passes. Something like this:

Creepy, right? And why he needs the bat? Why there must be a bat ??? *worries*

But it's kinda better than the other kind, the nervous one. No matter what you doing, he's always there in the moment where you take a break or just take your eyes off work for JUST a second. You work for hours and he comes on THAT second where you're off-guard.

Your heart jumps every time. Years can pass and it's still a surprise from where he came in silence and how he knew you were procrastinating...

Think of the bright side, tho. He's not like those who just stare at you. Those are the worst. Why? Because there's no expression. Usually, they're doing something else, like drinking coffee or talking to their phones. You can't know if you're doing your work right or not.
You can't know what they're thinking about you.

Scientists couldn't find yet what species are they. Many of them for sure. And what are those clothes they wear? Is it a code to differ from common workers ???


Well, that's all folks!
I'm sure I forgot to mention some other styles of bosses, so feel free to comment below what I didn't include. Except if you are the boss. Then... then I don't know what are you doing here.
*Tries to delete everything*

This week's joke is from the lady who wiggles a lot, Astrelia Mareys !!!

- " What do you call a fish with no eyes? "
"A fsh "

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Cedrick Wyntertree

Cedrick Wyntertree This is awesome, Fitz! xD

Fitz Mansel

Fitz Mansel Ahm i'm not ? '-'

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Why does this sound like you are actually in this situation right now XDD It is too relatable :'D Awesome job as always! xD

Aniya Morren

Aniya Morren Love it hahahahah :D

Breylena Dawnstar

Breylena Dawnstar These are so much fun XD

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