Oh My Fitzin' God #8 - Fitz
The amazing Fitz has decided to share a bit more about himself with you!

- From : Sophia Cunningham


Greeeetings my fellow potatoes of the realm! Welcome to the eighth ever "Oh my Fitzing God" article!

No i'm kidding. I just wanted your attention. Soooo, how's my fellow friends and enemies doing? I hope you had a wonderful week !!
I know that most of you already know me and my character. But i decided to speak about what i like doing in Westeros, during my free time and not only. Of course it won't be a surprise for all of you. Shall we begin?

You might not believe it but I love doing stand up comedy!!!
You can find me every Friday on afternoons, in King's Landing at the inn "The Eternal Paradise" *coughs*
Every year there's a tour going on Westeros. We hope to visit Essos one day, but I'm not sure about their humor's taste.

I like testing new brand of wines or try those that I never had or heard before. It's a perfect reason, however, to have a walk around the city. There are many wine shops. Even into alleys. Every avenue's block has two, at least!
After a while you become an expert and then you can act like a high noble, knowing everything from wine and give stress to the merchant who sells it. Like making questions and bring him in uncomfortable position.


Twice a month I sneak into the Red Keep and on late evening, when everybody falls asleep, I'm sitting on the Iron Throne.
The reason is that it helps me to think of what bothers me in life. And you know, it's a perfect place to eat. I really enjoy having my dinner on the Iron Throne. It makes me look fancy!


I hope you liked the blog!!! Don't forget to comment below how you like to pass your free time!

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Fitz Mansel

Fitz Mansel Oh my thank you guys <3 :')

*Is glad the king said nothing for the last activity*

Valerie Ragnarson

Valerie Ragnarson Sounds amazing, this article was amazing and hilarious. Good job Fitz. XD

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn "The Eternal Paradise" sounds like anything but a normal Inn, Fitzerald! What did I tell you about visiting shady places?! Anyway, you won't listen. But aside from that, this article was really amazing xD Made me laugh way too much hahahaha :D

Amanda Frost

Amanda Frost amazing article fitz!

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