Meet the Staff: Vol. 2
And again our hardworking Sophia and Lukas have drawn some of our beloved staff in for an interview. What has our previous Chief Editor Edmund's life been like? And what has it been like to work for him? This and more is answered in this version of "Meet the Staff".

- From : River Elswood

Hello my lovely people of Westeros!


It has come to our attention that the position of journalist is a very misunderstood one. Therefore, the social media team has asked around and interviewed a couple of people in the field just so you guys could get some insight. I hope you enjoy reading their responses as much as I did!


Interview One:

Edmund Stoneheart (retired Chief Editor) by Sophia Hathaway


Sophia: Can you give us a brief description about your life?
Edmund: Well, for starters, I'm a lot younger then most would think. I'm 17 years old IRL and I love travelling the world. I've lived in 5 countries and travelled to over 50! Right now I live in the United States, and am currently in my senior year of high school. I'm just your average kid, who has a love for ASOIAF, and various other things. I do Marching Band, and I am a Wrestler in the winter, and I'm a video gamer in the spring. I find that keeping a diverse life, and experienceing life with others in not only beneficial to my growth, though my skills as a writer, because I learn from life experience a lot.


Sophia: How did you become interested in writing?
Edmund: It's weird actually, I grew up reading, and could read at a college level, at age 6. I loved books so much, that I figured I wanted to write them, when i got older so I decided to look online for different places to hone my skills, and found the 'World ofs'. It was so much fun, and I loved writing, and once I started I wouldn't stop.


Sophia: How did you get your position on Westeros Weekly?

Edmund: On World of Potter, the Leadership on this site saw how amazing, and wonderful I was so they were like 'That guy is so awesome, we need to have him be our Scroll Writer' (don't quote me on that) and the rest is history. I was approached, offered the job, and I learned as I went along. I also kind of started off, as a Maester on this site, though cirmustances permitted for me to get a promotion before launch, and i opened as a Scroll Writer, not a Maester


Sophia: What articles do you like writing the most?

Edmund: I love writing articles, that carry a message in it. I find that most users don't enjoy reading that, because it seems serious, and it's not easy to pick up the message because i conceal it well, though it just sparks my interest, and I love writing those.


Interview Two:

Breylena Dawnstar (current journalist) by Lucas: Breewood


Lucas: What was the main reason you decided to be a town crier, specifically for Westeros Weekly?

Breylena: I started travelling around Westeros and writing about my experiences. I met Edmund one day and he saw potential in my writing. He said it could work well for the news scrolls of Westeros Weekly and offered me the job. It's been great. I love writing and telling my stories.

Lucas: What’s your favourite article that’s been published so far for Westeros Weekly and why?

Breylena: Probably Unsettled Sands. It was an interesting time and an article that was close to my heart. Thankfully that dispute was settled ..and bastards are seeing some fairer treatment.

Lucas: Do you think there’s a sort of rivalry between Valyrian Rumors and Westeros Weekly? Why do you think this?

Breylena: Possibly a small bit. We both want our stories to gain attention and be the best. The papers have very different styles of writing though so we can work side by side without too much rivalry.


And there ya have it folks! An insider’s view of the world of journalism. I think it's very a very fun field. If you're interested in becoming a journalist, be sure to send your applications to one of the Chief Editors. They are always looking for people to work with!


River Elswood
Leader of the SoMe Team


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Adelaide Fairchild

Adelaide Fairchild So nice! Well done, lovely to read!

Kira Cheswright

Kira Cheswright Such a lovely blog!

Breylena Dawnstar

Breylena Dawnstar I forgot about this! Nice article

Emelya Vaele

Emelya Vaele Ah! Great interviews! ♥

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Lovely interview ♥ Always nice to read :D

Raena Blackheart

Raena Blackheart I hope the blogs encourage a few more people to apply to be town criers!

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