Behind the Scenes - Luca Vaele
Ever wanted to find out what the staff of WoT is like behind the site? Then be ready for some talk about their real lives, maybe you can relate to them more than you think? We are all just humans after all :D

- From : River Elswood


Hello wonderful people of World of Thrones!

Today is the start of yet another blog series, this time it will be focused on getting to know the staff behind this wonderful site. Our first interview is with Luca Vaele who is our Religious Studies maester which is the course you got to know better last week. Let the interview begin!



Welcome again, Luca! You have been quite busy with us, these times? But we are glad you are always open towards our Interviews, I am sure we can find some nice things out. So the most important question first: Left-handed or right-handed?


I am most definitely right-handed, my left hand is a useless idiot.


Well mine is the complete opposite! But I understan your struggles. While we are talking about favourites, what is your favourite fandom, besides Game of Thrones of course *cough*



My favourite fandom? That's a hard question to ask... I think it would be Star wars tho, it has been my first favourite something ever and has inspired me to write stories. Sure sci-fi is not my area, but I loved the movies. Therefore I think star wars is my all time favourite.


I have to admit that I haven’t seen all of them myself but I’ll be sure to check them out! Besides, what food would you be if you had to pick one?


Fries, I mean come on. Thin, curvy and hot ;) who wouldn't want that and they happen to be my favourite food.



That is an excellent choice, now I am hungry… So let's change the subject... do you prefer to stay at home or to go out?



Oh another hard one, um I think going out actually. Being outside with friends always gives me energy and makes me laugh and forget all my worries.


Well I hope that we can provide a similar effect here! Since we are already talking about going out, do you have any pets like a dog you can walk?



I used to have a dog, but sadly he passed away a half year ago due to old age. Having a pet is wonderful and I hope to own a small puppy or kitten once more in the nearby future


I hope you’ll be willing to let us know more about this if it happens! I love animals If you could not get a pet, but a family member of your choice, of all the people in the world, who would it be?



Oh god, ummm I honestly would not know. There are so many cool people in the world to be related to... I guess I would choose Mika. He is a wonderful person and I would love to have someone so great as him to be related to me. Just so that we could both dance together and have fun as if nobody in the world is judging you.


Dancing is fun and freeing so I love that! I can see you have quite a few hobbies. Speaking of hobbies and coming to the last question, why did you decide to take this job here?



I love this site and the community and I really wanted to help out and make it more enjoyable than it already is. And to be honest, Religion is one of the things I find interesting and that I understand in the world of game of thrones, so therefore it was a logical choice to chose this job to apply for ^^



Well we love having you here so you better stick around! Thank you so much for this interview, it was a lot of fun!


And that is all for today’s edition of Behind the Scenes! I would like to thank Luca Vaele for being a willing participant for my questions, I hope he didn’t find it too bad. If you have any suggestions on who you’d like to learn more about leave them in the comments!


Member of the SoMe Team

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Lacey Oakfield

Lacey Oakfield Luca is amazing! And this was a great interview Sophia! I love getting to know everyone (though I've known Luca for a long time!), can't wait to learn more about others! <3

Emelya Vaele

Emelya Vaele Awesome interview. ♥ Lu is amazing.♥ But he's my brother, how could he not be lol?

Raena Blackheart

Raena Blackheart I love getting to know the staff! <3

Medea Darkwaters

Medea Darkwaters That is really an interesting interview, I can't wait to see who are gonna appear next! Great job Sophia and all the SoMe team :) And interesting answers Luca, I feel like I know you a little more now :P

Charlithe Gardener

Charlithe Gardener WOO go Luca! :D<3

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Luca is way too relatable xD ♥

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