Arena Elimination #1
The time has come and Ryker is here to introduce his new blog series, Arena Elimination ! It's a very fun game, you can read the rules below and don't forget to comment who's... " out "

- From : Fitz Mansel

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Elyana Rambton

Elyana Rambton I'll go for Robb Stark

Vanya Vallaerys

Vanya Vallaerys ...sorry, but its gotta be Loras Tyrell for me as well

Carlisle Maddock

Carlisle Maddock Jaime Lannister!

Amberle Eitira

Amberle Eitira Loras Tyrell for me!

Mirren Carver

Mirren Carver Loras Tyrell for me as well

Wilhelmina Poldark

Wilhelmina Poldark I choose Jaime Lannister

Edlyn Greye

Edlyn Greye I'm going for Loras Tyrell

Visenya Shadowfyre

Visenya Shadowfyre I will eliminate Loras Tyrell, no doubt.

Mirren Carver

Mirren Carver All of y’all saying Robb Stark are making me sad xD I will comment mine as soon as I get on a laptop

Patryck Tremaine

Patryck Tremaine Robb Stark from me too

Arian Crim

Arian Crim Loras Tyrell

Lynara Cuinn

Lynara Cuinn I'm going to have to say Jaime Lannister

Elisabet Waterstone

Elisabet Waterstone tough choice but I will say Robb Stark

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