The Task Talk - Religious Studies
Have you ever wondered what the classes in Westeros are about? To give the apprentices a better overview over their possibilities, the Boysenberry Baboons decided that it would be a great idea to ask around and give an insight! Maybe there is one class you never expected to be so interesting?

- From : River Elswood



Hello everyone!

Another new series for you here today, this series will be introducing each course that our wonderful World of Thrones maesters have to offer so we hope you are ready!

This week we will be looking at Religious Studies which is a course that is taught from year 1 all the way through to year 7 so there is a lot for you to look forward to. It is taught by the lovely Luca Vaele and as you can imagine it focuses on teaching you everything relating to the religions of the Game of Thrones world. Now we have a short interview with Luca to tell us some more details relating to the course!



Welcome Maester Luca! First of all, nice name and thank you for agreeing to our interview. Before I talk to much, let's get started. So what exactly does the course mean to you?


Religious studies has always been a study of interest for my dearest sister. It is one of the things she passed down to me, and therefore something I cherish. Even if I may not have been the most religious child, it is still something that has always been there for me. So this course means a lot to me, mostly because it connects me to Emelya but also because it teaches self-awareness among young apprentices. Or I hope it does that.


Well I know I appreciate you teaching us and I am sure everyone else does too! What is the easiest part of the course?



The easiest part is to of course be there! Listen and enjoy the lessons this course has to offer. As long as you open your mind and try to understand other Religions, it will be fine. But attending is, therefore, a crucial step, easy, but necessary.


I do love learning new things! I just need to work on being on time. What is the hardest part of the course?


The hardest part would be to try and combine the lessons from the past and the future. Understanding religion means you have to compare different religions, which is a step even beyond just learning the facts of each religion. Because you need knowledge and understanding, this would be the most difficult.



I am sure under your excellent teaching that we will all be able to do so! Any advice for those wanting to take the course?



Make sure you attend and listen to me and you will have the time of your life, I don't bite or stab as some like to accuse me of doing. Make sure to take notes and my last advice would be; I love discussions. *winks*


Well you heard it here, better pay attention everyone!


And that is all we have this week! I hope that you enjoyed reading this and we would like to thank the amazing Luca Vaele for being a willing participant to our questions. We certainly hope that it wasn’t a bother though considering we have a lot of other subjects to go, if you have any suggestions of what you want to hear about next leave it below!


Leader of the SoMe Team

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Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Love this interview! :D

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Alastair Henderson Great Job!

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Anya Romanov Great interview!

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