That Rude Guy - Flirting
Back with his opinions on flirting, we have Fitz! DO you agree?

- From : Sophia Cunningham


We just notified from control room that they had to cut the rest of the gif, because the seduction level passed the limits !!!
*Stares with a naughty face*

Flirt is everywhere. But it needs talent. It needs... a Fitz. Omg if Fitz is a talent then we can say " Oh look, he's is very Fitzent! "
*Keeps talking for himself for hours*

And since it's a talent that means you have to practice for years to be at a good level, right?
Not like Jorah. He stayed in the friend zone for... an eternity!
Why he couldn't be with Dany? Don't say Jon Snow was the reason. Or Drogo. Or Daario. Okay, they were good men and two of them were kings. But that's not the point!

He just didn't use good lines. Yes, that's it. The lines. What? What actions? A flirt doesn't need actions... *sighs and thinks he's right*

Glad he didn't say any of those cliché things we say. Or cheesy ones. We heard them soooo many times, I think we still keep them in our dictionary just for the history part.

- Did you hurt?
- No, why?
- Because you fell from the heaven <3

Seriously now? They are so outdated. And what about when you use one of these lines when the situation doesn't' require it? Imagine you say " My love for you is similar to the stars on the sky " and it's still day.
What stars even? Now that I'm thinking it, it's a good line to break up with someone *thinks the consequences*


Well, that's all folks!
I'm sure you enjoy it and don't forget to comment below your thoughts !!!

This week's joke is from the most interesting person I ever met and my cousin also, Alexia Wood:

- Knock knock!
- Who's there?
- Win.
- Win who?
- Winter is here!

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Zuko Vorso

Zuko Vorso Nothing is similar to the stars in the sky... WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT STARS EVEN. It's time someone took a few astronomy classes ;) Great edition once again Fitz! Hilarious!

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn I really like how this gif is made on top of the post! Who did this, he must have magical hands ;) XD Also love the comedy and omg Alexia that joke XD

Owen Saddleworth

Owen Saddleworth Hahahha cheeeese I love this, Fitz! Keep going with this lovely column :3

Fleur Caldar

Fleur Caldar Omg hahahahaha I love this...very much :p

Breylena Dawnstar

Breylena Dawnstar love it XD

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