Lies, Lies, Lies #4
Welcome to another one " Lies, Lies, Lies " by our lovely captain, Nathaniel ! Comment below your throughts and good luck to get the award !!!

- From : Fitz Mansel

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Tonya Chapple

Tonya Chapple they're judging their cousin Jerem who came and claim the north as his own kingdom; + he had a huge pimple of the face and it was disgusting them

Tonya Chapple

Tonya Chapple Every true game of thrones fan knows the answer to that

Elyana Rambton

Elyana Rambton They are completely staring at Robin Arryn's looks as if saying "What the heck happened to him?"

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn Ise Ise, never change ;) Still you have not managed to snatch my crown, though, I am waiting, young lady *waits till is grey and old and still sits with his ass on Iron Throne* xD Maybe that is what they are judging... you taking so long *thinks* (to everyone reading this, this is IG xD)

Sithis Shadowskin

Sithis Shadowskin They're judging the strange girl that joined the group. She doesn't look familiar and they're pretty sure she wasn't invited but she stood up, started crying and talking about loving each other.. disgusting. Turned out SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE

Iselilja Grimsdottir

Iselilja Grimsdottir The answer is obvious. They are judging your terrible taste in a husband, Nate. Duh! I mean, just look at what he is bearing and that crown looks hideous on him. Really we should all do him a favor and put him out of his misery (literally) and place the crown on a more perfectly suited and divine head (aka me). Listen to Bran and Arian, Nate! The looks says it all... DIVORCE HIM! ... or let death due you part, whichever ;)

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