Royal Advice - Decorating
The lovely River is once again back to give us his advice and this time it is linked to decorating!

- From : Sophia Cunningham


Hello hello my lovelies! I’m back again with your latest Royal Advice. It feels like it’s been ages since the last one. This time, I’m bringing to you a few home decor tips on how to color scheme your decor. I know it can truly seem like a daunting task...there are so many different colors and it’s hard to know which ones fit with each other and which color you should choose to make an accent color, so on and so forth. I’m going to make your life a little bit easier. Because as always, I’ve done my research. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Tip One: Pick a color from the largest pattern in the room.
Maybe you have an accent chair that has a big pattern or maybe there’s an area rug. Pick a few of your favorite colors from that pattern and use them in some of your decor.

Tip Two: Decorate from dark to light, from the floor going up.
Outside, the earth is dark and the sky is lighter. This scheme works well inside too. Darker floors and lighter walls and ceilings really give a good aesthetic

Tip Three: Use your colour wheel.
Colours that are next to each other generally work well together. As well as your complimentary colours which are directly across from one another.

Tip Four: Don’t be afraid to use gray.
Grays go well with just about anything and they allow for good colour pops, since anything with colour is going to look vibrant next to it. It’s also a good relaxing colour to have around.

Tip Five: Rule of three.
If having a bunch of different colors stresses you out. Stick to a three color palette. You can’t go wrong.

Hopefully this has helped you guys out a little and you can use my advice. Get out there and start decorating, I know you can do a good job. Stay colorful everyone!



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Aidan Atherton

Aidan Atherton I might have to change my dekor...

Lacey Oakfield

Lacey Oakfield Ooh these are great! I will keep them in mind when I will decorate my (hopefully soon) new apartment!

Emelya Vaele

Emelya Vaele Love love love the tips!

Emylia Osseos

Emylia Osseos Ohhhhhh this is actually so helpful?? *.*

Jorvan Sadelyn

Jorvan Sadelyn *redecorates house* Great article! :D

Sophia Cunningham

Sophia Cunningham so many great tips, thank you :D

Astrelia Mareys

Astrelia Mareys Ooooh I love myself some gray! Amazing article River! :D

Lysandra Damora

Lysandra Damora Oooh some great tips ❤️

Taliya Valtheos

Taliya Valtheos Love it! Good article <3

Raena Blackheart

Raena Blackheart Come decorate for meeeeeeee River <3

Hiroyuki Estiellard

Hiroyuki Estiellard This is really helpful! Maybe I can ask Mother for a redecoration... Great article River! <3

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