The Sapphire Riders #3
Good evening ! Welcome to the 3rd issue of Sapphire Riders, by Captain Daemys ! In this one we go through an event that marked her life and it had an impact in her life. Read below and don't forget to comment your choice ~

- From : Fitz Mansel

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Carlisle Maddock

Carlisle Maddock Maybe 3? Sounds good

Amberle Eitira

Amberle Eitira Let's go with 2!

Edlyn Greye

Edlyn Greye I'm thinking 2!

Mirren Carver

Mirren Carver I’m going with 2!! Great work, Daemys!! :D

Visenya Shadowfyre

Visenya Shadowfyre I will go with number 1, poison is always very elengant!

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